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Do you have a need for something new in your closet? Whether it’s for a special event, vacation or just a desire to spruce up your wardrobe, shopping for the perfect look(s) can be overwhelming!

That’s where I come in! In addition to providing you with weekly outfit inspirations, I also offer a variety of personal consultation and shopping services.

Life is too busy to spend hours, or even days, shopping at the mall or online! Let me do the leg work for you!

I will help you pinpoint your style needs and share some of my tips for creating a closet that becomes your happy place!

See below for services and pricing. If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to email me at thealeciamariana[at]gmail[dot]com to personalize your consultation for your specific needs!


You are the boss here! Depending on what your need is, I have three options: I can style up to 3 looks, up to 6 looks or up to 10 looks for you. Styling up to 3 looks is perfect if you have a special event to attend. Styling up to 6 looks is perfect if you have a conference, short vacation, or are just looking for a few new pieces for the season. And styling up to 10 looks is perfect if you are looking for more of a wardrobe overhaul or a long trip (whether it’s personal or work related).

And don’t worry, if you feel some of my style that you have seen on La Joie de Vivre doesn’t fit you’re style needs, I will work with YOU to meet YOUR style needs, not mine!  Click below to get started!  3 Piece styling is $80, 6 piece styling is $140, and 10 piece styling is $180!


Once payment is made, we can schedule a time to chat about your style needs, budget, timing and what you’re looking for in terms of pieces and style. After our consultation, I will send you a document that includes pictures, links and styling suggestions for how to create the perfect outfit(s)!

Do you desperately need to update your style but cannot find the time? This is the perfect service for you!

We will work together to identify your personal style, the look(s) you are going for and which stores are consistent with these goals.

Don’t worry about carving out time in your busy schedule or finding a baby sitter when I can do the “leg work” for you! Lets get started!


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