Striped Turtleneck

Happy Friday eve! Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it – I normally hate turtlenecks. Minus slouchy sweater turtlenecks, I hate them usually without exception. And, admittedly, I had to get used to wearing this turtleneck because I’m simply not used to them. But, paired with this ribbed skirt, I felt like this outfit was a win for me. Especially for an office/work outfit.

What’s even more shocking about this outfit is the fact that I’m wearing horizontal stripes plus a turtleneck. Seriously, what has gotten in to me?!  I can also see a trend in my wardrobe as the winter months and cold weather has come – black and red.  Some things never change…

Splendid || Noir || Shoes: Chinese Laundry || Belt: Target

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