Little Black Velvet Dress

Happy hump day! I’m officially obsessed with this dress. Who would have thought that I would have fallen for a little black velvet dress? Not me! I love almost all little black dresses, don’t get me wrong, but if you would have told me little black velvet dress I probably would have balked. It’s also pretty versatile because it can be worn with pumps or even with a belt to give it a bit more form fit.

I kind of feel like I’ve done a time warp. the sis not the first, nor even the second, time I’ve worn velvet in the last few months. Between the shoes, the jacket, the pants (I’m pretty sure there were pants in the mix) and now the black velvet dress – watch out, you may just be stepping back into the 80’s when you come to La Joie de Vivre!

And one last surprise – you might have noticed, but I usually don’t wear a lot of jewelry. With a toddler at home, I simply don’t want it to get broken. I love accessories, I just don’t want them to end in two pieces or ripped out of my ears. Well, I felt like this dress called for a bold necklace. You can get this necklace plus so many other great items in a subscription box with Le Tote. Use code ALECIAMARIANA to get 50% off!

Dress: 1.State (30% off!) || Boots: Franco Sarto || Necklace: Ava via Le Tote || Hat: Exact Unavailable – but obsessing over this one! (under $50!)

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